Effective Ways of Preventing Computer Viruses

Both malware and viruses are known for obstructing the functionalities of computers. Use of internet and email has increased viruses attack. Apart from corrupting data, viruses and malware are known for wreaking havoc on the operating system of and hard disk.

Computer viruses can also destroy important information and images on information on your computers. This is something that can happen within a very short time. It is therefore important to take precautionary measures to make sure that your devices are not attacked. Let have a look at the effective tips that can help you in avoiding viruses.

Be cautious when opening emails

All the emails including those from your friends should be opened carefully. Make sure that every attachment is scanned before opening it. This is one of the best ways of preventing virus attack on your devices. Often you will find viruses that travel through emails, most of them are attached in the form of video files. Avoid opening an attachment that you find to be suspicious.emails

Installing anti-virus software

Make sure that you have installed an anti-virus software or program on your computers. PC Mag is one of the recommended anti-virus programs. Again, you should make sure that your software is running and updated. Remember that new viruses are coming out on a daily basis. The only sure way of preventing your device from attack is ensuring that you have software that is up to date. Most of the modern anti-virus programs are designed with auto-update features.

Scanning your system on a regular basis

Your OS should be scanned on a weekly basis. Some viruses are known for slipping through cracks even when the anti-virus programs are always running. All the stored files should also be scanned regularly to prevent them from catching viruses.

Browsing safely

You will always come across some banners and pop-ups inviting you when you are surfing the internet. Sometimes you might be tempted to click ok especially when you are on reputable sites. The risk of virus attack is greatly magnified when you are working on such sites. Be careful not to click on the misleading pop-ups. You can also avoid pop-ups by using the safe browsers such as Firefox and Chrome.browsing

Downloading files carefully

Avoid downloading files that you do not need. Again, you should avoid downloading files that are not from reliable sources. Downloading illegal files can increase the chances of virus attack. Files that have fake extensions should not be downloaded.